Sangeeta Agarawal



San is a cancer patient advocate, oncology clinician and symptom management researcher. San’s mission is to empower everyone with cancer to have the best outcomes possible by democratizing access to knowledge and becoming the CEO of their life.

She is an ayurveda and yoga doctor  and computer scientist.  Through her non-profit Helpsy, she has proven, peer-reviewed outcomes in helping over 27,000 people with cancer accomplish significantly better outcomes and quality of life than average cancer patients. 

San is the only nurse to sit on the board of NCI (National cancer institute) PDQ that reviews and provides summaries on use of integrative medicine for cancer symptom management to clinicians and patients worldwide. As part of the expert team under Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, she was involved in bringing various stakeholders together from symptom management and quality of life so we can better serve cancer patients. She assisted in advocating for the passing of  21st century cures act (for Cancer funding) and PCHETA act (for enabling education for symptom management and quality of life). She has represented the US at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit led by President Obama’s team and helps to mentor health care visionaries around the world. She brings innovation as founding chair of innovation for ONS, SIO and MASCC. She is involved in helping many patient advocacy organizations to accomplish their outcomes. She is globally recognized for her philanthropic work in serving people with cancer and training the trainers in oncology symptom management and quality of life. 
She is a chemo-certified Oncology nurse who has worked at world’s leading cancer centers - Mayo Clinic, Stanford and UCSF. She has provided treatment to thousands of cancer patients including solid tumor and bone marrow transplant. She has managed crises on the oncology floors as lead. She has taken care of cancer patients on clinical trials and has developed protocols for new clinical sites. She served as a researcher at UCSF, where she developed a ground breaking research method to provide a multi-disciplinary and personalized plan for every person to address cancer symptoms using a combination of eastern and western medicine approaches. This was funded by NIH and the study had very significant outcomes that NSF funded the initiative to commercialize the work into an organization that can serve millions of people. That organization became Helpsy and through Helpsy Access (non-profit 501c3), San continues to serve people with cancer to have better outcomes. The work done by Helpsy Access in India to serve cancer patients won numerous state and national awards and media coverage. 
She is trained as a Ayurveda and Yoga doctor and ran her clinic for over 10 years where she helped people navigate crises and work towards the life they wanted. Her work has saved the lives of countless domestic violence victims, immigrants and low income members. Her work in cancer in her clinic has saved many people’s lives and their financial security. 
In her previous life, San was a computer scientist who invented the technology we all use extensively today - world's first real time video streaming on phone and live video conversation on phone which was acquired by Skype in early 2000’s.