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Prepare for Chemotherapy

Hands on immersive training!

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What we will cover?

  • What is Cancer and how is it treated ? 
  • Why chemotherapy is given to treat your cancer?
  • How often is Chemotherapy given? why? 
  • How might it be given to you (oral, iv, etc.)? What do you need to know? 
  • Why certain Chemotherapy type is given as your treatment option?
  • How do you anticipate side effects and duration of your specific chemotherapy? 
  • What are Oncology emergencies to be aware of and what to do in those emergencies ?
  • What can you do when you are not well?
  • How do you prepare for your first treatment? 
  • How to select cancer centers and providers?
  • How can a loved one help? How to develop your plan together? 
  • What are some misconceptions of chemotherapy and what’s the truth? 
  • How to track your medication to stay on protocol?   

What People Are Saying:

This needs to be mandatory training offered to every person going through cancer treatment period. You saved me from complications and it's clear how it saves others.


Wow! I didn’t know there were things I could do with my mom’s diet to help her with her nausea. She suffered needlessly. So glad we attended your course.


You took something that felt so overwhelming and impossible to understand and so freaking scary, and simplified it as if I was planning a vacation. You made it fun for me to go to my treatment appointments. So many many many blessings to your whole team!