Get Ready for Surgery

Learn what to expect about your surgery and side effects, and what to do when you are not well so that you can have the best outcomes. Click on the video to learn more on how can we help you. The program includes, self-guided training (35 videos) + live group virtual session with oncology certified nurse + online community



Live Group Virtual Session

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What we will cover?

  • What is cancer and how is it treated ? 
  • Why is surgery considered for my treatment? 
  • How to prepare for it logistically? 
  • How to prepare for it mentally? 
  • What happens in preoperative testing? 
  • What happens during surgery anesthesia ?
  • What are the typical things I need to be aware of after surgery? (side-effects)
  • Oncology emergencies and what to do in those emergencies
  • What can I do after surgery to reduce risk of complications ? 
  • What can I do if I'm not feeling well? 
  • What can I do to improve my recovery process? 
  • How can I manage pain associated with my surgery?
  • What are the types of pain medications and alternatives to pain medications ?
  • How can I take pain medication ?
  • How do I understand and track my medication ? 
  • How to select cancer surgery centers and providers?
  • How can a loved one help? How to develop your plan together?  
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"Testimonial from caregiver - I was about to quit work - so overwhelmed and frustrated because there are appointments, feeling sick, medications, food and so much more. How am I supposed to focus on work? But I was worried because we need the money from my work. You gave me clarity in understanding what was going on and in how I can plan for it. And how I can find community resources. Thanks to you, I think I can keep my job. Please always be by our side until we finish these treatments"


"You took something that felt so overwhelming and impossible to understand and so freaking scary, and simplified it as if I was planning a vacation. You made it fun for me to go to my treatment appointments. So many many many blessings to your whole team!"


"Seriously! You incorporated so much info on self-care and ways to manage symptoms with whole health approach. And you understand my culture and gave choices. I feel much more relieved and focused on caring instead of running around searching. And my friends and family can choose from the options to help me."


"You helped all of us understand how we can help my wife as she is going through her cancer. Forever your fan!"


This Training is for YOU if....

  • You or someone you know recently diagnosed with cancer and is going through surgery
  • You feel lost, confused, overwhelmed with information but unclear how to make the right decisions.
  • You are dreading the side-effects and complications that can be debilitating.
  • You are feeling lonely and low and that no one understands what you are really going through.
  • You are worried how you will manage your life and responsibilities.
  • You wish you had a GPS that would guide you successfully to your desired outcome in the shortest time and that you could be in the driver’s seat and chart your own destiny.
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"This needs to be mandatory training offered to every person going through cancer treatment period. You saved me from complications and it's clear how it saves others."


"Wow! I didn’t know there were things I could do with my mom’s diet to help her with her nausea. She suffered needlessly. So glad we attended your course."


"Honestly, since my cancer diagnosis it felt like I was supposed to drive a truck directly without ever having learnt to drive a car. No wonder, I was terrified of becoming a wreck. You gave the training to help us plan and drive this process of cancer treatment. I feel much more in control."


After the training, You will

  •  Have prepared your own care plan to manage your surgery and side-effects.
  • Be prepared for your surgery and visits with your surgeon so that you can maximize use of that time and outcomes.
  • Anticipate your side-effects and timelines so you know what to expect.
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"After I got my first treatment, I was so sick and miserable that I decided I’m not going back. I’d rather let the disease take me. So glad my friend took me to your course. You actually demystified the whole thing. I understand what is going on with me and how I can tackle it. I feel in control. I have been going for my treatments - thanks to you. Every person needs to get it. Cancer treatment does not have to be so scary!"

Fionn T.

"My mom and I were fighting the whole time since her cancer. I wanted to know when and how to help. But without prior info, it was hard. And i spent time doing things that i thought was helpful but made her mad. Now, we have a common platform with Helpsy and i know what to expect. I used to have nightmares and extreme frustration and guilt and overwhelm. Now, I can enjoy relationship with my mom. You gave me my relationship back as daughter. I’m sticking by you until the end. Thank you for becoming part of my family."

Xavier P.

"Wife - My family didn’t know or understand how hard cancer is. I felt so hurt when they would be upset with me. Thanks to you for including them, now they understand and actually take care of me. It is nice to be cared for."


"I found the way you taught about chemotherapy and radiation and anticipating your side effects so incredibly valuable. Did not know there was a pattern here that I can predict and control."


Who is your instructor? 

Meet San!

Sangeeta Agarawal (San) is a cancer patient advocate, world renowned oncology certified clinician and ground breaking symptom management researcher (NIH funded). She is an ayurveda and yoga doctor  and computer scientist. San’s mission is to empower everyone going through cancer to have the best outcomes possible by simplifying and democratizing access to knowledge and becoming the CEO of their life. Through her non-profit Helpsy Access, she has proven, peer-reviewed outcomes in helping over 27,000 people with cancer accomplish significantly better outcomes and quality of life than average cancer patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual self guided course

The cancer clinician will cover the topics outlined above. 

No - we are working with the treatment that your doctor has given you and helping you to better understand it and follow it, so you can stay on track.

Based on your cancer, your medical team would have prescribed treatment. We will help you to understand how these treatments impact your life.

You will learn about what to expect and how to help your loved one.

We do not diagnose or prescribe the treatments. If you need to understand the treatment prescribed by your doctor and how you can stay on track, we can help you. You can contact your surgeon or other surgeon for a second opinion if you want a review of your treatment plan.


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